Life in the Laminin Lab #5 – Examples


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Check back on Monday for #6

#4 available here (and links to the rest) or Meet the characters

Or, if you are feeling really keen, read about how Kevin actually did bring in the Mongol invasion of India in his PhD thesis and viva; here.


New content; Results writing guide

A how to guide for writing results sections for scientific reports / manuscripts / PhD thesis chapters has been added to the pages section of this blog. In it you will find some of my thoughts on how you can maximise the effectiveness of your results subsection and hopefully make people enjoy reading your work! It’s aimed at PhD students, MRes or undergraduate project students but might also be useful for anyone teaching this sort of material.

Over the past week we ran a series of workshops aimed at helping students and postdocs with elements of their scientific writing – if you want the ppt files that went with these sessions let me know.  The people attending really seemed to appreciate the week and I thought that this content could be useful.

Have a look, see what you think, comments are appreciated (as always).

If this sort of content is any use, I will write up some of the other talks I prepared for the other parts of theses / manuscripts.

I’m aware that there are lots of similar content on the web already, so I’ve tried to go a bit deeper into the thought processes in mine to try and help readers develop their skills. If you are looking for something much simpler, I wrote a quick blog post awhile back. The blog post is a lot more proscriptive and less developed but could be useful if you are in a rush!

Types of results subsection

They grow up so fast…. PhD thesis submission edition!

Today the pride levels are extra high. Valentina Iorio submitted her PhD thesis!!!

It’s in

Valentina was the first person to join my lab. I interviewed her whilst still in Chicago and was super impressed with not only her academic ability but also her bubbly personality. I have never looked back. 

It’s been an amazing three and a bit years; loads of impressive data, some incredibly cool live cell imaging videos of LaNts and laminin and even during the tough times, when things weren’t working and when reviewer two was needlesslessy negative, Vale faced it all with a smile. 

The end result is an excellent very readable thesis. She will defend sometime in June but at this time on behalf of myself, Carl Sheridan and George Bou Gharios;

Well done Vale! We’re proud of you