Life in the Laminin Lab #3 – Constructive Criticism

constructive criticism

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Meet the characters

We are still feeling our way with these cartoons- today’s reflects a very real conversation that we had last week at the lab meeting ahead of our MRes poster session.


Life in the Laminin Lab #2 -Poster Prep

poster time


Miss #1? find it here.

Hi readers, this is #2 of a new series of cartoons inspired by real events in the Hamill lab. It’s a new thing, it might not work, but they’ve been fun to make and have amused me and the team! So, here you are, #2.

To be fair to the most recent cohort of MRes students, they did a really good job with their posters; two of our team winning prizes. Blog post about them here.

3 more coming this week and we’ll revert to weekly thereafter.

For now, you can also meet the characters or check out some of the other stuff about our lab and research; learn about laminins, read one of the manuscript, thesis, dissertation, or project writing guides for scientific results, or discussion  (intros and methods coming soon) or the lab website

They grow up so fast – NWCR symposium

Today was the Northwest Cancer Research annual symposium held in the stunning, Harry Potter-esque, Victoria Gallery on the IMG_20130714_180621
University of Liverpool campus.

Lots of excellent, inspiring talks including two of my long-term favourites; actin remodelling and RhoGTPases, and integrin signalling. The notebook is full of the next set of experiments and grant ideas! (Thanks Mark)

There was also a thoroughly impressive poster session, displaying the diverse, excellent cancer research work going on in Liverpool, Bangor and Lancaster.

Included in that  poster session, Lee Troughton and Valentina Barrera

C-fSHW1XoAI6tn2.jpg-largepresented our new splice regulation story in LAMA3 that is beginning to really take off. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to grab a photo with Vale so its just Lee on this edition of the obligatory “they grow up so fast”.

Lee moaned extensively about his quads hurting while squatting down to take this picture so I made him pose for 10 more, saying it was out of focus…

I also captured his response to finding out about the unnecessary extras. Totally worth it


Mini (or squatting) Lee