Blue Steel; Fundraising for BSF

Just a quick shout out to Lee Troughton, a British Skin Foundation funded PhD student.

Lee completed “Total Warrior” a couple of weeks ago whilst fundraising for the BSF.

Apparently it wasn’t tough enough as he found time to practice his “Blue Steel” poses on the course!

Next up is tough mudder and we are expecting similar catalogue appropriate style poses.

Sponsor him here:

Check out the lab website with info on Lee’s project here

Nailed it.

Apparently the local press also caught on to this, missed the blue steel reference though



86 days and counting

3 months and still nothing at all from the editorial team!

Manuscript Assigned to Peer-Reviewer/s 20th July 16
Manuscript Assigned to Editor 23rd June 16
Manuscript Assigned to Peer-Reviewer/s 17th June 16
Manuscript Assigned to Editor 8th June 16
Manuscript Submitted 23rd May 16
Submission Not Complete 19th May 16
Quality Check Started 17th May 16
Submission Not Complete 17th May 16

Video introduction to Laminins

I have been messing around trying to make animations to describe our current model for how LaNts elicit their effects on corneal cells (coming soon) and decided it might be good to make a video describing the basics behind laminin and LaNt biology in the skin. This is my first attempt, its (deliberately) short and quick and somewhat incomplete as I am still feeling out what works and what doesn’t.

Comments appreciated.

I am toying with making a longer, more comprehensive laminin review but if you watch the biolamina movie that will likely autoplay after mine there may be no need (I have a slightly different angle and they don’t mention LaNts (yet)).